Isotopes in the News

Re-Evaluating Category 3 Source Protection and Accountability

Back in July, we talked about the Government Accountability Office’s investigation in which the GAO created a fake company that was successful in one out of three tries at getting a license for radioactive material. Once they received the license and placed an order, GAO then altered the license to increase the quantity of material […]

New molecular imaging technologies can make it easier to treat cancers, minimize side effects

New molecular imaging technologies can make it easier to diagnose, monitor, and treat cancers while potentially saving patients from undergoing therapies that are likely to be ineffective and playing a role in minimizing side effects, according to experts from the Abramson Cancer Center and the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In […]

When stents don’t work for blocked arteries, targeted radiation may help

Four times, Elaine Paparella Vandeputte underwent balloon angioplasty to clear dangerous blockages in her right coronary artery, usually also having stents implanted to prop open the vessel. Four times, the vessel became blocked again, clogged with scar tissue and  other cells that were part of her body’s attempt to heal. In August, physicians at Thomas […]

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